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Analog Video Recording Systems

Remote Viewing

Watch video from your home/business remotely via PC or smartphone! Video and Internet-based surveillance systems offer many advantages over conventional monitoring systems. Let us show you how you can create a more reliable and efficient security surveillance that leverages the best in Internet and communications technology.

Video Surveillance for your Home
See who is at your entry door, keep an eye on your children and watch your home while you are away. You can view your household cameras remotely via a secure Internet website.

Video Surveillance for your Business
Reduce shrinkage and employee theft with a comprehensive suite of security cameras and video surveillance solutions for a wide range of applications.

• View multiple locations from one account.
• Check-in on your business from anywhere on your smart phone, tablet or computer.
• Choose from a wide-array of resolution capabilities for even the most demanding viewing requirements.
• View live video, receive event-triggered video clips, or record and store video footage locally or in the cloud.
• Review customers, deliveries, service providers, and other visitors at entrances.
• Generate recorded video footage that is admissible in court so you can bring criminals to justice.

CCTV Systems
• Digital Video Recorders provide extended record retention times.
• Cameras can be viewed remotely, via PC or smartphone.

Network Video Recording Systems

Our range of security NVRs are the heart of a network IP security camera system. Our network video recorder options feature an open architecture to support a range of IP cameras, with built-in storage to support higher resolutions, frame-rates, or video archival.

All NVR models include features such as advanced analytics, multiple recording modes, PTZ camera control, remote configuration, and more. Our network NVRs are specifically designed for long life-cycle operation, providing the ultimate in long-term stability and operational consistency. Our NVR recorders are backed by our free unlimited support from our US-based technical support team.

• Servers provide extended record retention times and RAID redundancy.
• Cameras can be viewed remotely, via PC or smartphone.
• Servers can txt/email administrators of system events/problems
• Megapixel cameras provide much greater detail than standard analog cameras.

Video Analytics
A camera system that thinks proactively! Through the use of Intelligent Video Analytics, a camera system becomes more than an archive of what has happened and becomes a proactive digital guard of your facility.

Using schedules to alert the end user of alarm events like trip lines, unauthorized area mapping, wrong way travel, unauthorized grouping of individuals, and dwell times, the system is able to proactively notify the end user of specific events so that not only is there a recording of the event, but immediate action can be taken as well.

*Interior/Exterior Surveillance
*Overt/Covert Surveillance
*Remote Viewing
*Analog, High Definition, & IP Applications available.
*High Capacity NVRs with solutions specific to your needs.

Analog Video Recording Systems

When it comes to video recording systems, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why ATSI offers a wide range of analog video recording systems to empower and support our customers with a new solution for any application.

So whether you are looking for an entry-level system or one that can support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents, ATSI has a solution that will fit your needs – all backed by an unparalleled level of support. Choose from a variety of cost-effective, high-resolution analog cameras including high-speed dome positioning systems. Designed for a variety of applications, these analog cameras bring solutions that meet the needs of today’s security professionals.

We provide a full range of services for home and business.

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