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Home and Business Security Systems

ATSI specializes in custom security solutions for business and home owners throughout the Chicagoland area. ATSI has a reputation for personal and prompt service, technical expertise, superior training and support and unsurpassed reliability. We offer a full range of alarm systems, camera surveillance, access control, and home monitoring solutions to keep your home, family, and possessions safe. If you are looking to partner with a security company who can offer a truly customized approach and long-term support, ask how ATSI can help you today.

• Custom Designed for your home or business
• Motion Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Protection, Glass Break Detectors, panic buttons, flood protection
• Openings/Closings Reports
• Multiple Partitions to restrict access
• 24 hour monitoring service through our central station
• Easily integrate to other Z-Wave devices
• Remote Access with Total Connect

*Total Connect Subscription required for some services

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Home Automation with Total Connect
• Remote Access via phone, computer or tablet
• Control your lights, thermostat, garage doors, door locks and alarm remotely
• View your camera’s remotely
• Everything can be accomplished with one app via Total Connect
• Set up Event/Scenes to automatically control your system. For instance, with the power of this app, you could set up an event to control your lights, lock your doors, arm your alarm, and set the thermostat.

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Monitoring Services
• Burglar Alarms
• Fire Alarms
• Medical Alerts
• Duress / Panic Buttons
• Sump Pump/Flood Monitoring
• Openings/Closings Reports
• Keyholders with different authority levels.
• Remote Access with Total Connect Subscription

Out of your contract with your existing company? Consider ATSI. Depending on your situation, we may be able to use your existing equipment and switch your monitoring to us.

Plans to suit your budget
(monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)

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Medical Emergency Assistance

During an emergency situation, possessing a reliable and instantaneous communication tool can mean the difference between safety and life-threatening danger. ATSI is a provider of high quality emergency communication systems offering a full line of Area of Rescue and Emergency Assistance communication systems, perfectly suited for any building with multiple floors and staircases.

Fast and efficient communication is vital when caring for and ensuring the safety of the elderly or those in need of long term assisted care. Possessing an easy-to-use and thoroughly dependable nurse calls for emergency communications can make all the difference when responding to an emergency and saving a life. Keep your residents or family members safe and independent with a high quality senior and assisted living call system.

We provide a full range of services for home and business.

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