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Fire Alarm Installation

Inspection and Testing

Fire Alarm Installation

ATSI believes that quality protection is the key to minimizing the risk of fire. Installing a high-quality fire alarm system shields you and your business or home from devastating loss. Fire alarm monitoring to ensure your peace of mind even when your building is empty. Our systems keep you safe. We guarantee the quality of each of our fire protection installations and our friendly, certified servicemen who are always on hand for inspections, installations, and repairs. It is very important to have annual inspections of fire alarm systems and make sure that your protection is always functioning and up-to-date.

Design / Build:
At ATSI, we provide in house and professional full system design, layout and final CAD drawings. We provide high quality design services customized to fit your company’s fire protection needs.

Our specialized design team provides professional:
• Design
• System Layout
• Battery Calculations
• Voltage Drops Analysis
• Submittal Packages
• Professional CAD Drawings

Inspection and Testing

Per the NFPA-72 fire code, all industrial and commercial fire alarm system must be tested on an annual basis. Systems that are well maintained and tested save lives while reducing your overall liability.

Here are a few important reasons to have ATSI properly test and inspect your fire alarm system:

• Meet federal, state and local requirements
• Meet requirement of your insurance carrier
• Limit liability for potential injuries
• Ensure your business is clean for occupation
• Satisfy the requirements of the NFPA-72 code

At ATSI we are familiar with the various codes of the Chicago area municipalities and are experts in helping you to be compliant.

Exit & Emergency Light:
Emergency lights are the most neglected piece of life safety equipment in a building. Often time’s people overlook emergency lighting until they are in the dark. Emergency lighting is comprised of lights, illuminated exit signs and combination exit sign and lighting units. Emergency lights have their own power supply which allows them to mark the way out of a building in an emergency. If your lights are not properly maintained to provide 90 minutes of illumination, your customers and employees safety may be in jeopardy. It is a natural extension to have your emergency lighting inspected the same time the technician is inspecting your company’s fire extinguishers.
We offer maintenance and inspection service on previously installed lighting systems. We test and inspect everything from the casing to the battery.

Our technicians are knowledgeable about:
• Battery Shelf Life
• Memory Recharge ability
• Terminal Voltage
• Current Draw
• Temperature Effect
• Brownout Sensitivity

Exit & Emergency Light Inspections Include:

• Ensure emergency light location is in code compliance
• Inspect for proper mounting of the exit and emergency lights
• Emergency light inspected for cracks, corrosion, lose or exposed wiring
• Bulbs are checked for burnouts and replaced at time of service.
• Units are electronically tested for accurate amp and voltage readings.
• Replace deficient batteries at time of service.
• Upon completion of inspection units are labeled detailing the inspection

We provide a full range of services for home and business.

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